About me

In addition to various Yoga practices, I have studied and trained to pursue a career in the Mental Health and Counseling industry (CADC: Addictions Counselor). My work experience ranges from adult rehabilitation treatment to sober livings and adolescent behavioral centers. I received Certification as a RYT (Registered Yoga Teacher), and my experience includes Yoga training for Complex Trauma (TSY: Trauma-Sensitive Yoga), as well as Meditation workshops, which I provide as a companion service to clients. My long-term aspiration is to unify a multitude of philosophies-- creating the holistic approach of a 12-step yoga program targeted to those at odds with addiction, mental health issues, PTSD, etc. I continue my educational and professional pursuits as a current student in the Somatic Experiencing program (SEP) at the SE Trauma Institute in LA. These influential efforts inspired the success of a private yoga business that I created to reflect the spirit of compassion and the heart of my own dedication.  

I have a strong and growing knowledge/experience of the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual domains. The focus of my practice centers on healing and connection of the mind/body/spirit. Each client is assessed and regarded as an individual in receiving their own agenda. I encourage the client's input in order to develop a plan that intregrates their needs with the benefits of a yoga practice. I believe in helping others recover and embrace their sense of self and the love that lies within them. 
Throughout my life, I have discovered many of the beautiful elements that bring light to our inner worlds. However, in our search for purpose, I believe many of us lose that vital union to self. We forget that whatever we desire can be found within us. Yoga provided me with a foundation of wisdom, serenity, and passion for my journey of self-discovery. What began nearly ten years ago has continued to become an endless source of inspiration and hope. 
I hold three personal principles, practiced as a way of life:

 Share Your Experiences 

Give Strength and 

Spread Hope Wherever You Go 
Every one of us has a story to tell, for we are the messengers, as well as the teachers. The impact we make in the world around us depends upon the marks we create. We decide where we choose to leave our footprints-- therefore, the power to ignite change begins with us. In order to start my own transformation, I only required willingness and an open mind. However, my life truly began when I realized that living in dedication to serving others is the greatest achievement and purpose of all. 
*In-home sessions provided by appointment only. Service charges may vary. To set up an appointment, please visit the Contact page.